The Day Thread Dares to Play the Batman Returns Tiger Handheld Game

Batman Returns opened on this day 30 years ago. Depending on if you can recall it being around or not, I’ll give you a breather to come to terms with your own mortality.

Feeling better? Good.

As the sequel to one of the most successful movies ever at the time, anticipation for Returns was naturally through the roof, with a ton of merchandise available pretty much…well, everywhere. As a little kid, I had mixed feelings about this, as Danny DeVito’s Penguin scared me and I didn’t like looking at him. But I was still fascinated by it. What child isn’t interested in Batman?

Anyway, unsurprisingly, there was a handheld game from Tiger Electronics, as these were very common back then. While YouTubers are all too happy to shit on these, I personally liked them as a kid. I didn’t have a Gameboy or any other gaming system, so these counted as “video games” for me growing up. And they were fun and looked cool. I never had the Batman Returns one (I would like to, but God, if you want that thing in mint condition, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny on eBay), unlike this boy in the commercial who really gets into it…

This lad is just strolling around an alley at Gotham at night (which doesn’t seem very safe to do given they literally have a place known as “Crime Alley”), when all of a sudden, the Tiger game for Batman Returns just slides over to him and he begins playing it. He also, apparently, knows the movie by heart despite it being in theaters when this ad aired, because he can’t stop quoting it as he plays. And this kid plays hard. Take that, Catwoman! I mean, you weren’t really that much of a villain in this movie, but take that anyway! Go to Hell, Penguin! Eat my bat crap!

Since this was a game for what was expected to be 1992’s highest grossing movie (which ended up being Disney’s Aladdin, a sleeper hit with serious legs), it got a pretty heavy amount of promotion. Heck, it even had a poster….

As a side note, if you had these games, you did NOT want to even attempt to store the game in your pocket. It wouldn’t fit, and that seems like it would’ve been an easy way to break it. If you wanted “Batman fun on the run” or whatever, you’d probably want to put it in your backpack. That’s what I did for long car rides, which worked until I got terribly car sick, which happened a lot when I was a child.

Have a Bat-awesome day, Avocados! Also, spoiler alert, you’re getting more Batman Returns for the OT tonight. Same Bat-time, same Bat-website!