Zoinks! It’s a Scooby-Doo Day Thread!

Scooby-Doo opened in theaters on this day 20 years ago. The movie opened to $54 million, which was absolutely huge in 2002 numbers, making it one of the biggest weekends ever at the time. Jeepers! That’s pretty impressive for a live-action adaptation of a Saturday morning cartoon!

The film wasn’t loved by many critics, but hey, most of their reviews spent a good portion of their paragraphs complaining about the show as well. Since then, its gotten a fan base that just seems to keep growing as the years go by, probably helped greatly by the fact that James Gunn being the movie’s writer renewed interest in it after Guardians of the Galaxy became a hit.

Wait, is Scooby driving?

Scooby-Doo also supposedly got slapped with an R rating initially by the MPAA, but according to Gunn, that was only because they misinterpreted a joke about weed to being a reference to oral sex (use your imagination, folks). In reality, Doo was intended to be a tame PG-13 teen-friendly comedy, but Warner Bros. demanded it get toned down to get a PG after parents complained about test screenings having too much profanity and suggestive humor.

That said, the finished film does feel pretty edgy, which makes it feel fun and a little dangerous, at least by Scooby-Doo standards. It also has an incredible cast. Everyone is so funny and likable, and the CGI Scooby is actually really good despite some naysayers claiming he was “too realistic” (I mean, he’s still cartoony, guys). And hey, Mr. Bean’s even in it!

Have a SCOOBY day, Avocados!