Let’s Talk Arrowverse – So, This Is … What? Our 20th Speedster?

Well, folks, we finally have two new Arrowverse episodes to discuss, as both The Flash and Superman & Lois are back from hiatus! And … I only had enough time this week to watch one of ’em. Whoops.

I’ll probably get around to watching S&L this afternoon. As for The Flash

Look, there’s this rule in journalism that says, if you’re reporting on a person or organization that you have a personal connection to, then you need to state that connection in your report, so people can know where your biases might be. Now, superhero journalists have been ignoring this rule since the earliest Superman stories, but in this episode, it really, really feels like it should have come up.

‘Cause they directly address how Allegra is keeping her connection to stories secret (both that she was once part of the crime gang they’re exposing, and that she’s one of Central City’s resident superheroes). They talk about how this ruins people’s trust in her, and they even bring up journalistic ethics … but the episode only seems concerned with the fact that Allegra is lying to her co-workers, not that she’s violating the trust of their readers.

It may seem like a small thing to get hung up on, but the show shouldn’t raise the question of journalistic ethics if it’s not prepared to grapple with it.

Oh, and one other thing that bothered me: I could not get why Sunshine and Dr. Light didn’t just kill Lydia while she was outing them on camera. The two of them are already fugitives, and even if they weren’t, they would be once Lydia got done. They have nothing to lose by adding her murder to the charges against them, and plenty to gain, both by preventing her from giving more information away than she already has, and by delivering a “this is what snitches get” message to everyone else in their gang.

Like, if they had communications unjammed enough to livestream that interview, they probably could have just texted Barry and had him there in two seconds. Would have been a much safer plan.

Question of the Week: Whose profession would you say is handled the least realistically in the Arrowverse: lawyers or journalists?