The Avocado Book Club Returns

Hey everyone! As I previously mentioned in the Book Nook, I thought it would be fun to start up the ol’ Avocado Book Club again, because reading is fun and reading with each other (at an appropriate distance) is also fun. Why yes, I am a nerd. I came up with the following guidelines to hopefully make it as enjoying as possible for everyone:

  • There will be 2 books covered each month, in 2 separate groups. That way you won’t have to read a book that doesn’t interest you. You’re obviously welcome to join both.
  • I (Warmerdam) will be hosting the first group, where we will be reading the entire Dark Tower saga by Stephen King. I really need there to be volunteer(s) to host the books covered in the second group. You can choose your own title(s), everything’s game really, as long as other people want to read it. The main thing you need to do is having to make sure the threads go live as scheduled. If you’re interested in hosting for a book, you can add your name and the title of the books you’d like to add to this Google sheet.  
  • For the discussion itself: You’re allowed to let the book discussion run its own course, but including discussion questions in the thread header is obviously fine, even encouraged (though don’t feel pressured!)
  • For scheduling: The final threads go live on the 10th each month, at 12PM. We’ll also do a “halfway” thread that goes live on the 24th (also at 12PM). What that halfway point is obviously depends on the book, and will be decided by whoever is the host for that particular title. Announcements for what point this is will be included in each previous thread.
  • For the header: The Avocado Book Club – [Title of the Book] by [Author] is enough as the title of the header. The header image can be found as Avocado Book Club Header, but you’re allowed to use anything related to the book you’re covering.

So I hope enough people are game for this! Can’t wait to start reading together.

To the people who want to join me in reading The Dark Tower, make sure you’ve finished “The Way Station” Chapter XXII of The Gunslinger on June 24th.