6/9 Day Thread

Walker, Etinger & Rene’s “Nice” got 4 issues from American Gothic press in 2018/19. Honestly it wasn’t that great. Blatantlty made as a crime/noir movie pitch with a bunch of the genre boxes checked: Scarred, violent cop. Talkative assassins. A tossed in Parkinson’s storyline and a ‘mystery’ about one of the Assassins probably being the cop’s kid. And I guess maybe the organization the assassins work for is called N.I.C.E.? Some cool pages split up by art of pills and dna helixes, but no other fun layouts to speak of.

The best part of the book was the Tula Lotay covers.

She’s drawn a lot of great comic covers and a few interiors (Heavy Metal #291, Supreme Blue Rose, Bodies, All-Star Batman vol. 2 #7, a page of that Dial-H Justice League Villain Month issue #23.3 Plus stories in “SFSX”, The 2013 “Fables: Fairest in All the Land”, “American Vampire”, “Legends of Red Sonja” and “Witching Hour” anthologies and a page or two in each annual of the “Thought Bubble” anthology for Leeds Comic Festival)