Comic Book Review – Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies : Battleworld (2015)

Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies: Battleworld (2015)

Writer – James Robinson

Artist – Steve Pugh

I am starting to clean my apartment and I’m getting my stuff packed for a move in the next month. I found a bunch of trade paperbacks and hardcovers I’ve bought but haven’t read yet. One that I wanted to read was Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies.

The Marvel Universe’s multiverse was destroyed and in its place is Battleworld, a patchwork world of different realms and domains ruled under the iron fist of Dr. Doom. Hank Pym of Timely is sentenced to exile beyond the Shield. He has the choice to serve his punishment in the Deadlands, home of zombie versions of Marvel’s heroes and villains or Perfection, a world controlled by Ultron, a realm devoid of all humanity and emotion. Pym chooses Perfection to see what the “clockwork man” he tried to bring to life looks like. Pym ends up running into The Vision, Jim Hammond, and Wonder Man who spirit him away to the sanctuary of Salvation. Their mission is to work with Pym to try to end Ultron’s reign in Perfection while keeping the last remnants of humanity alive from the shambling horde of ghouls.

If you have seen Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, you were lucky enough to get a glimpse of the alternate realities in the MCU. If you paid close attention to the plot, its only a matter of time until we see the 2015 mini-series Secret Wars brought to the big screen. The best part of the Battleworld spinoffs is that we saw different remnants of the multiverse brought together in ways we had never seen before. These domains were overseen by Thors and Barons and although they were supposed to be kept separate from one another, there were always heroes and villains causing trouble in places they didn’t belong.

What I liked about this miniseries is you had not one, but TWO, adversaries trying to wipe out humanity. Choosing which side to take was hard – if you are a horror fan, its like trying to pick between Dawn of the Dead (78) or Chopping Mall. In a dystopian world, would you rather fight zombies or evil robots? What if they decided to work together to consume and destroy the last of us in one fell swoop? You’ll get your answer if you read this trade paperback. There are a few panels in Issue Four where Magneto and Ultron discuss if they are able to feel any emotions. This was my favorite part of the story because we get very different answers from these villains.

Four issues comprise this trade paperback and you might have a good chance at finding all of them in the dollar bin. This might be your best bet because sadly, the trade is not available on Hoopla or from your local library. It’s only a matter of time before these Battleworld miniseries heat up the speculator market because there were over FORTY spinoffs and anyone of them could be brought to life in a future MCU movie or Disney Plus series.

Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies has it all – action, romance (yes, surprisingly), and a whole lot of gore. If you have seen any movies featuring end of the world/apocalypse scenarios, you’ll grow to love the survivors and hope to see them make it to the end. Just don’t get attached to them because your favorite might end up on the chopping block. Of course, you can’t forget about those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save their friends and loved ones. Those deaths hit the hardest.

If you read any of the Battleworld spinoffs, tell us which ones were your favorites. If they are available at my library or Hoopla, I’d like to check them out and who knows, they might be one of my future comic book reviews.