The Bride of Frankenstein Night Thread (06/05)

Last month’s OT topic was Underrated 80s Songs.

It’s June (I can’t believe it) and its Wedding Season! This month’s OT Topic will focus on Famous Brides in Film.

First up is The Bride of Frankenstein from 1935.

This sequel features Elsa Lanchester in a dual role as both Mary Shelley and the titular character. Boris Karloff returns as Frankenstein’s Monster, as does Colin Clive as Henry Frankenstein.

Some critics claim this is the crown jewel of the Universal Monsters franchise. Do you agree or disagree?

I hate to admit it but I have not seen any of these movies. I have a boxed set I’m going to have to crack open and watch at some point.

Where does The Bride of Frankenstein rank in your personal list of Universal Monsters?