Job Rants Thread – 5/27/2022 – And, It Continues…

Hey all; Happy and Healthy Friday –

Hey; remember a about a month-and-a-half-ago when I told you all that my contract was coming to an end, and that I was probably going to take the layoff rather than continue on with the new company. That I had enough resources to take some time off, make a long-awaited reassessment of myself, my core values, and maybe, just maybe work to become a more well-rounded, stable and centered person?

Yeah, so that ain’t happening. As of yesterday, I’ve accepted a position with the new contractor, albeit a different one from what I’m doing now. Funny thing, it seems that one of my core values is having health insurance, and becoming a stable and centered person is a lot more difficult in a world where chicken wings are now being listed at “market price.” Not to mention, now that things are supposedly “normalizing,” (Whatever that means, these days) the latest firm to take control of my student loans sent me an email informing me of the thaw in my account, and the expectation of payment resumption.

So…Yeah; still employed. Any dreams or outside ambitions I may have had can be deferred for another year; much as in  the previous three. In truth, I’m actually cautiously optimistic. This new position, at least in how it’s been described to me, will likely offer a lot more diversity in both setting and duties compared to what I’m doing, now. And, while it’s obviously not to the be-all, end-all that I want to do with my life, at least it will give me more of a mental workout than what I’ve been getting this past, oh, decade or so. The pay raise isn’t anything to sneeze at, either. Either way, you’ll probably hear more about it, down the line; for which I apologize in advance.

As ever, have a safe, and productive rest of the day, safe trip home, if out, and a great weekend. And remember: Market. Priced. Chicken. Wings.