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Tuesday’s Politics thread has a headache

It’s Monday evening though, hopefully it’ll be gone by the time you read this. I’ve been peopling entirely too much lately and it’s left me drained.

Anyhooo, I won’t abandon y’all to flounder around here and completely ignore what’s written up here. It’s old news by the time you get it, but the thread feel nekkid without anything up here. As the late humorist Lewis Grizzard said “Naked means you ain’t got any clothes on, nekkid means you ain’t got any clothes on and you’re up to something.” We shan’t be nekkid today. Or header-less…or topless. Whatever.

First up, important info here:

This isn’t great news:

Here’s the TL;DR of that:

But here’s some good news!

Further details here:

I’m going to leave things here. I’m sure a bunch of stuff will happen overnight. Shoot, I bet a bunch of stuff will happen between now and before I go to bed. Anyway. Be cool, be kind and behave! Respect yourself and others, graciousness is the key. Do your thing, Tuesday!