Commercial Signage Day Thread (May 24)

There are many light up commercial signs and landmarks that are famous, sometimes just locally, sometimes around the world. Notable examples include Moulin Rouge’s windmill in Paris, Seattle’s “Public Market Center” sign at Pike Place, Abbotsford, Melbourne’s animated Skipping Girl sign in Australia, and several in Las Vegas alone. Here in Canada we had Sam the Record Man’s spinning neon records, and discount store Honest Ed’s sparkly garishness, both in Toronto.

But an unsung hero of commercial signage is Windsor, Ontario. One thing I’ve always appreciated about the city is a handful of distinctive signs that have been on display over the years…

This sign was recently restored. Tucked away in a quiet residential neighbourhood in front of a depressingly boring plaza, you can live in Windsor your whole life and never encounter it. I lived in this neighbourhood for a while and this sign was my favourite thing about it.
This store is nearly 100 years old. It is in a prime downtown location and is the site of many anti-fur protests.
Hiram Walker & Sons distillery displayed this sign facing Detroit over the Detroit River. They replaced it with a more boring sign long before I was born.
Epps Sportsmart, where I purchased my first pair of Doc Martens. This store no longer exists.
The city’s most distinctive pizza-based sign. Looks like it could use a bit of a spruce.
A graphic designer in Windsor has been replicating some of the city’s signs in enamel pin form. I may have added a few to my “I absolutely do not, under any circumstances, need any more enamel pins to turn into magnets” board. I have a little childhood nostalgia section going here.

Show me your favourite commercial signage! The Dairy Queen sign up top was in Ottawa. I tripped over the picture as I was digging around online looking for pictures of fun signs and liked the look of it. DQ has good sign game.