Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Do The Time Warp Again

Again, still hiatus time for Superman & Lois. We did have a new Flash, and I gotta say, given we’ve only got two episodes left in the season, currently have three ongoing storylines, one of which involves the still unexplained “time sickness” (man, I’m getting tired of those words), I’m beginning to have doubts about their ability to wrap all this up.

Still, it was good seeing Nora again (future-daughter Nora, not past-mom Nora or present-Speed-Force-and-also-daughter Nora), and they did a decent job making the Still Force seem freaky without straining the budget too much. Best part was probably how, even though we’re doing a “gotta rescue Iris” plot and a “trying to fix things just made things worse” plot, they still found room to have some good ol’ fashioned fun and end on an optimistic note. Nora’s inclusion was probably a big part of that, both because she brings that sort of energy to the proceedings, and because, y’know, the fact she still exists means this whole Iris situation ain’t as doomed as all that.

(Worst part was once again having one character object to a plan for no clearly articulated reasons, just gut instinct, and have everything that happens afterwards conspire to validate them. That’s just something that’s always gonna bug me.)

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite trapped-in-an-alternate-reality story?