The May 20 Day Thread Wishes It Was Your Birthday So It Could Party Too

Good morning. It is the morning of May 19, 2022 as I write this. Usually I do this annual self-aggrandizing birthday Day Thread a lot more in advance but it’s been, uh, quite a week. A month. It’s been a lot. But, unless something happens in the next 16 hours, I’m going to turn 38 and not much can stop it. Here are some of my birthday wishes:

  1. If it is also your birthday today, I hope you have a wonderful day and you get to do everything you want to do and glitter rains from the clouds and scents the air with the scent of fresh donuts and your nails look good all day. That is my wish for you.
  2. Speaking of which, Happy Birthday to my Avocado birthday twin Andiddy. Andiddy you’re a jolly good fellow and we’re so happy to have you here in this community.
  3. I wish for an end to this never-ending plague of Covid-19.
  4. I wish for peace in Ukraine.
  5. I wish for Taco Bell to bring back the taquitos. They brought back the Mexican pizza, today of all days, which I appreciate, but they never should have taken it away in the first place so they only get an exasperated grumble of grudging appreciation.
  6. I wish we never had to struggle for basic human rights and the rights to manage our own bodies for ourselves.
  7. I wish for the new Hollow Knight game.
  8. Right now a bowl of soup would be nice.
Put on your clown hat and dance the blues

Have a wonderful day thread and a wonderful day and be nice to each other.