WW183: Changing Channels — Day Two

Crocodile Czar

Man places head in mouth crocodile[

“This is the last straw! That Karyn Robbins needs to go!”

“Please calm down, Mr. Unusual.”

“I will not calm down! Now, bring me some raw chicken, and let’s feed these majestic creatures!”


“Mr. Unusual, we have a warrant to search the premises.”

“Well I suggest you start with Old Beulah’s pen then.”
*Rob Unusual cackles*


17 Town Players

13 Vanilla Town (Tourists)

Luke Browning, Manager (Healer): You can Heal one player Day or Night to prevent their death. You cannot Heal yourself.

Kirk Rickham, Producer (Investigator): You can investigate one player at Night to determine if they are a Tourist or a Possible Spy (VT = Tourist).

Bailey “Gan” Ganetti, Zookeeper (Jailer): You can jail one drunk Tourist Day or Night. Jailing them during the day will immediately cancel their vote and votes for them but will cause a scene (you will be identified as the Jailer). Jailing them during the Night will cancel any Night action they have and any Night action directed towards them. You cannot Jail yourself.

Old Beulah, Maneater (One-Shot Vig): You are a crocodile. You have one chance, Day or Night, to kill a careless visitor or staff member.

3 Wolf Players

C.R.O.C. Director: As the Director of Caring for the Rights of the Order Crocodilia, at Night you can recruit an impressionable teen to your organization. If your recruitment is blocked or you attempt to recruit the Doppelganger, the recruitment will fail.

Jerry High: You will stop at nothing to buy the T.J. Zoo. You can target one player at Night. If you target the Crocodile Czar, they will die. If you target the Crocodile Czar’s target, the Crocodile Czar will see you.

Wife of Jerry: You do not want to have to leave the property. You can block one player’s action, Day or Night. If you block a player during the Day, their vote will be canceled at Twilight. If you block a player during the Night, their Night action (if any) will not go through.

NOTE: One Wolf will be assigned to carry out the Wolves’ Night kill. A Wolf can’t carry out the Night kill and perform another action.

1 SK Player

Donald Slipper – You’ve been hired to kill Karyn Robbins, but you’re not great at your job. You can kill one player at Night, but if you target Karyn Robbins, you will die instead.

1 Doppelgänger Player

Karyn Robbins: Each Night, you must pick a player to mimic. You will gain that player’s power (if any) and win condition. However, if that player dies while you are mimicking them, you will also die. You cannot mimic the same player two Nights in a row. If you mimic a Wolf, you will only get a Night kill if that Wolf is carrying out the Night kill. This role is immune to recruitment.

1 Other

Crocodile Czar: You are the Crocodile Czar. You can name one player at Night. If Jerry High targets the same player, you will learn their secrets. If you do not target the same player as Jerry High, nothing will happen.

(Note: Barring recruitment, these alignments will not change, but role names will and powers might.)


  1. Adam – Troy McClure
  2. April – Commercial Break
  3. Chum – Mr. Rogers Mash-up Show Pitches
  4. Cop – Sam Beckett as Joe Exotic
  5. copywight – Dr. Lore, Medicine Android (Vanilla Town)
  6. Cork – Friendly Background Snail
  7. emm – Kitty and TBD’s Variety Hour
  8. Goat – Trash Muppet
  9. hoho – Jail bird Possum
  10. Josephus – Live Studio Audience
  11. Kim – Monsta X Stan Account
  12. Lamb – Yuuko Aioi (Wolf)
  13. malthusc – Chidi Anna Kendrick
  14. Marlowe – Ron Popeil
  15. MSD – WandaVision
  16. Nate – Guy Who Has A Few Lines While Loading Or Unloading A Truck (Vanilla Town)
  17. Persephone – Crocodile Mom
  18. Queequeg – Topanga’s Ever Changing Parents
  19. Ralph – Pat Sajak (Vanilla Town)
  20. raven – N-ko
  21. Sheleeta – Roomba
  22. Shinichiki – Totally Radical (Town Vig)
  23. Shipwreck – Famous Guest Star  (Vanilla Town)
  24. sic – The Previously Frozen Head of Walt Disney
  25. Side – That Loser Jerry (Town Vig)
  26. Thoughts – Tom Pari- I mean Nick Lucarno


No quoting or screencapping from Discord.

No editing any post without permission.

No discussing the game with a living player outside of the game threads and (sanctioned) Discord chats.

Night actions are mandatory.

Be chill: Attack arguments, not people.

If there is a tie at Twilight, all players except those tied will be subject to an RNG kill.

Remember that play styles differ, and this game is only as fun as people are kind, setting aside the fact that the goal is to kill the opposing players. Most importantly, have fun!


Day 2 Twilight is 8:00pm CST on Wednesday, May 18