Desire Path, Glasgow Scotland

The Night Thread of Desire Paths (May 11, 2022)

“Desire Paths” are in the words of Robert McFarlane, “paths & tracks made over time by the wishes & feet of walkers, especially those paths that run contrary to design or planning,” or more prosaically according to Wikipedia: it’s a path created as a consequence of erosion caused by human or animal traffic. The path usually represents the shortest or most easily navigated route between an origin and destination. The width and severity of erosion are often indicators of the traffic level that a path receives.

I took a walk around the environs near my new apartment on Saturday; I found an impressive desire path within twenty minutes:

Of course there’s a subreddit for them, it’s very interesting: On The Beaten Trail.

Are there any desire paths you take to get where you wanna go a little bit quicker?

Take care and have a great night, everyone!