The Book Nook Visits the Bookstore (5/11)

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Happy belated Independent Book Store Day everyone! A day I’m sure a lot of you hadn’t even realized was a thing to begin with (same here, to be honest) but nevertheless one with a lofty goal in these days of increased Amazonification. Of course I’m probably biased, as I live in a Communist hellscape/paradise where books have a fixed price regardless of where you buy them, so you might as well give that money to the local bookstore (and believe me, I have) instead of a cheaper alternative, as that technically doesn’t exist unless you want to buy them secondhand. And sure, buying books off the internet is incredibly convenient but nothing matches an independent book store with titles that you’d never thought of, or where the employees can recommend you stuff, or just geek out about books together.

Which brings me to this week’s topic: from which independent bookstore do you buy the most often?

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