Caroline B. Cooney Day Thread

Today is the birthday of author Caroline B. Cooney. She has written an absolutely bonkers number of books, most of them for Young Adults. She writes horror, suspense, and mystery. Fun fact: on her website, she states: “I went to several colleges (I’m still going to college! I love taking classes; I still daydream more than I listen.) but graduated from none.”

You might remember Caroline for the Janie Johnson series, starting with The Face on the Milk Carton. The first two books were made into a 1995 TV movie starring Kelly Martin as Janie.

You see, young ‘uns, they used to put missing kids’ faces on milk cartons, and….

I think the last name of the author I have mentioned will trigger the Disqus filter, so… uh… use stars or something if you want to discuss her. Haha.