30 Day Star Wars Challenge Day 8: We Need To Talk About Leia

Thanks to Mr. Ixolite for the prompts as we hit this special Star Wars month! May the Fourth Be With You!

Next up on the protagonist spotlight session we have Princess come General Leia Organa Solo, as played by Carrie Fisher. More than simply a hapless damsel as seen in the stories from which Star Wars took its inspiration, Princess Leia won the hearts of moviegoers through sheer force of personality. So as before, what is your favorite thing about Leia? Your favorite Leia Moment?

Bonus prompt: No surprise, what is the worst thing about Leia? The worst Leia moment? 

Extra Bonus Prompt: If Star Wars was to recast for shows taking place in the past – as Star Trek has done – who would you cast as Leia?