30 Day Star Wars Challenge Day 2: Best & Worst of the Original Trilogy

Thanks to Mr. Ixolite for the prompts as we hit this special Star Wars month! May the Fourth Be With You!

This year marks the 45th-anniversary of the original Star Wars film and the month of May is generally marked by all kinds of Star Wars events and we’re going for a new round challenge here as well.

There’s no question that the most universally revered part of the franchise is the three films that started it all, what is now known as the Original Trilogy, encompassing A New Hope (or just plain old Star Wars), The Empire strikes back, and of course Return of The Jedi.

And so for this prompt, we’re going broad, looking at both the best and worst of these films – which one do you prefer? What part of them do you like best? What’s the worst or most poorly aged part of them? Go nuts!