Werewolf 181: Full Moon Alchemist – Day 7

To Colonel Roy Mustang:

I write this hoping that it will reach you before it is too late. We are in desperate need of your assistance in tracking down this ‘Scar’ character. He has been elusive for far too long, taking out too many of our best soldiers. If you and your men could be of any use in this investigation, you would be more than welcome to use whatever resources you desire in tracking and taking this killer down. Though I’m loath to use such excessive force, we must not forget our sense of justice.

Please respond as soon as possible.

Major Alex Louis Armstrong

Against his better judgment, Beaker set out into the night, wandering the streets, hoping that the silence of the night would calm his mind.

He knew that it would not be long before the Terror would be upon him again. What horrible experiment would he be used as a guinea pig for next? Nothing would surprise him at this point.

He had hoped that he could find a stone and exact his vengeance upon the Terror, but alas, it was gone before he even knew where to look. Not that he could use it in any specific manner, but still, to see the Terror cower in fear for once in his life at the thought of this meek assistant returning every unkindness that was brought onto him, that alone would have been priceless.

Beaker gazed at the night sky, sighing, wondering when his suffering at the hands of the Terror would come to an end.

As if by magic, a man appeared before him.

“MEEP!” Beaker yelped.

The man stared at the hapless muppet for some time. “You are clearly not a creature who was made naturally in this world. You have gone through so much suffering, haven’t you?”


“Do not worry, poor creature. I shall release you from this prison and return you to God.”

The man put his hand on Beaker’s face, which was half terrified at the thought of his imminent death, and half relieved that he would no longer have to see the Terror in his nightmares anymore. Arms stretched out, Beaker let go of his earthly desires. At once, stuffing flew everywhere, with only light orange felt left where his body once was.

Marlowe/Beaker has died. He was May Chang (survivor).


Amestrians (town): Will win when all homunculi and Scar are dead.

3 State Military Officers (vanilla town) – Half will be State Alchemists, half will not; they will not be told which they are. They have no power except to vote.

Edward Elric (investigator) – Can see if someone is a human or homunculus. Independent roles and Envy will read as human. Shares a chat with Alphonse. Cannot perform a night action if Alphonse performs his night action. Reads as State Alchemist to Wrath.

Alphonse Elric (jailer) – Uses his armor to shield someone from attacks and prevents them from performing night actions. He can jail neither himself nor the same person on two consecutive nights. Shares a chat with Edward. Cannot perform a night action if Edward performs his night action.

Winry Rockbell (healer) – An ace mechanic who can fix up any automail. Takes after her parents, who were doctors, and can keep someone from getting killed. She cannot heal herself nor can she heal the same person on two consecutive nights.

Homunculi (wolves): Will win when their numbers are equal to/greater than all other players combined and Scar is dead.

Father (head wolf) – Orders the kill. If Father is jailed, the kill will not go through. If Father is killed, there will be no one assigned to the kill afterwards.

Envy (stealth wolf) – Can take the shape of anyone they have seen before. Reads as human to Edward.

Lust (wolf roleblocker) – Lures unsuspecting humans into her grasp, rendering them unable to perform their night actions. Cannot target the same person on two consecutive nights.

Wrath (wolf investigator) – Can see if someone is a State Alchemist or not. Edward, Roy, and half the vanilla town will read as State Alchemist, everyone else will not.


Scar (SK) – Wishes to eliminate the world of State Alchemists and the abominations alchemy has created. Wins when all State Alchemists and homunculi are dead. Does not have to kill any non-State Alchemists (Alphonse, Winry, Lin Yao, May Chang, non-alchemist State Military Officers) in order to win.

Lin Yao (Survivor) – Seeking the Philosopher’s Stone. Will win if they have a Philosopher’s Stone and are alive at the end of the game.

May Chang (Survivor) – Seeking the Philosopher’s Stone. Will win if they have a Philosopher’s Stone and are alive at the end of the game.

Philosopher's Stone

At one or more points in the game, a Philosopher’s Stone will be made, which has the potential to amplify a player’s power. How that power is amplified will vary depending on who possesses the Stone.

For VT, Winry, and independent roles: The stone will have no effect.

For Edward and Alphonse: The stone will allow them to be unblockable (if they themselves are targeted to be blocked, it will not stop their action from going through–their action can still be nullified if their target is protected).

For wolves: The stone will allow them to create a new homunculus (i.e. they will receive a wolf recruitment–they cannot recruit any roled town, Scar, or State Alchemists).

Once a stone has been used, it cannot be used again. If a player dies while in possession of an unused stone, it will be put in play again on the subsequent day following their death.


  1. Shipwreck/Narrowstrife
  2. Sic
  3. Chum
  4. Otakunomike State Alchemist (vanilla town)
  5. MSD State Military Officer (vanilla town)
  6. Lamb State Military Officer (vanilla town)
  7. Cop Edward Elric (investigator)
  8. Malthusc State Military Officer (vanilla town)
  9. Goat Father (head wolf)
  10. Indy
  11. Jake Wrath (wolf investigator)
  12. Kim State Military Officer (vanilla town)
  13. Gramps State Military Officer (vanilla town)
  14. Queequeg Alphonse Elric (jailer)
  15. Grumproro Lin Yao (survivor)
  16. Ralph State Alchemist (vanilla town)
  17. Emm
  18. Raven Envy (stealth wolf)
  19. Marlowe May Chang (survivor)
  20. Rim Lust (wolf roleblocker)


  1. Hoho


Players are NOT allowed to edit comments or directly quote from private chats without permission. Failure to comply may result in a mod-kill.

Ties will result in all tied players being killed.

Should a GIROLT (Get It Right Or Lose Tonight) scenario occur, auto-kill will not come into effect until all living players have voted.

Please be respectful to all players. Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we are all here to have a good time.


Twilight will be on Monday, May 2 at 12 PM MDT.