30 Day Star Wars Challenge Day 1: Your First Exposure

Thanks to Mr. Ixolite for the prompts as we hit this special Star Wars month! May the Fourth Be With You!

This year marks the 45th-anniversary of the original Star Wars film and the month of May is generally marked by all kinds of Star Wars events and we’re going for a new round challenge here as well.

To kick things off, we want to talk about your first exposure! It’s one of the biggest pop-culture properties in history, and has been showcased on everything from feature films, to video games to pencil sharpeners – and let’s not forget Underoos! Yet once upon a time, this behemoth property was new to us, and so to kick off this next themed month, the question is:

What was your introduction to the Star Wars universe? 

Bonus prompt: Was there anything you remember sticking out to you as weird or scary?