Artist Interview – Luke Royalty

Luke Royalty is pop, well, royalty in the making. Luke’s first single ‘I Could Get Used To This’ was supported by Jack Saunders on Radio 1, his second single ‘I Do’ was made BBC Introducing track of the week & ‘Stay Gold’ was featured as part of this years BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

His brand of laidback, soul tinged rap has the feel of a Northern Mike Skinner or a more soothing Jamie T and should kill it at festivals with the sun on your back and a drink in your hand.

I caught up with him after a show for a few questions.

When did you get started? Was there a particular moment that pushed you from “playing in the house” to going in front of an audience?

I didn’t get going properly till I was about 17. I never really thought about pursuing music at all growing up, it wasn’t something me and mates were interested in. Growing up in the North East of England, the only thing that got talked about on the playground was Football and Xbox/Playstation really, no one was talking about the latest Kanye record. When I was 15 my dad caught me stealing money from his card to play FIFA, so he sold my XBOX and a couple months later bought me a guitar to try and encourage me to pursue a new hobby. I learnt a couple chords in the first month and then didn’t really touch it for another year. I was at a house party one night and decided to pick up my mates brothers guitar and sing one of the songs I’d learnt when first picking it up. I was pretty buzzing with people’s reaction, as well as slightly embarrassed that my mates now knew I could sing a little bit as that was the first time I’d ever shown anyone. But I think the glee overweighed the fear and I was excited by the feeling of playing in front of people and that definitely made me want to pursue it further.

What’s the Luke Royalty philosophy for music? You seem to make it look laidback while working hard to get out there.

I don’t ever want to take myself too seriously and carried away. When I’m writing the songs I get completely lost in that process and often, especially more recently, I try to be very honest and pour my heart out in to my lyrics, so I suppose I take that side of it very seriously. However, when I look up at artists in the industry and see them getting too caught up in their own hype, it’s almost as if they forget about the reason they started music in the first place. That’s something that I never want to be seen as. I never want to forget where I came from growing up in Darlington, I don’t want to try and be someone I’m not, as I think people can just see straight through that. Before music, I was just a shy quiet lad who likes playing and watching the football with his mates, and I won’t forget that no matter how successful I am in my career. 

You toured with Jake Bugg and recently Baby Queen, who would  be ideal on your  future  concert bills?

A Sam Fender support tour would be ideal. I’d love to play an arena one day and it’s proper class to see someone from the North East of England taking over so that would be the absolute dream.  

What’s  up next for you  release wise? 

I’ve got some tracks lined up which I’m so buzzing about getting out and then I’m hoping to release another EP by the end of summer and just keep the ball rolling!

What’s the timing for going from playing Blackwell  Meadows  to the Darlington arena? (I’m  legally obliged to mention that place as you’re a Darlo fan 😉

Great question, unfortunately playing Darlo arena isn’t on the cards just yet haha! We have our first ever hometown show however on the 14th of may at the forum in darlington and a few festivals to see the summer through! Can’t wait!