AVoCADo GamesCast #82: Get Rekt, Your Honour

Tere sõbrad! On this episode, The Kappa and I give a shout-out to our Estonian fan base before discussing the ups and downs of the Warhammer franchise, what makes the new Kirby game so much fun, and balance in multiplayer games. We then interview our very special guest, YouTuber and Twitch streamer MP, about his content creation career and the online video content ecosystem.

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0:15 – Introduction
3:05 – What We’ve Been Playing
50:50 – Destiny 2 and Multiplayer Balance
1:03:55 – MP’s Video Content
1:13:50 – How YouTube Works, Part 1
1:32:00 – How Twitch Works, Part 1
1:38:35 – Sponsorships
1:43:20 – How YouTube Works, Part 2
1:46:05 – Twitch and YouTube Drama
1:54:35 – How Twitch Works, Part 2
2:02:45 – Conclusion

Spoiler warning: Mild spoilers for the Yakuza series.