Better Call Saul S6 ep 3 discussion

So I was wondering why we don’t have a place to discuss Better Call Saul here at the Avocado, and then I realized I was the last person to put up a thread about it. So here it is. I’ll try to do episodic, but since I don’t tend to watch them until later in the week, I might not get to it on Monday night. I don’t want to spoil myself too easily.

All I’ll say up here is that this show is blessed with so many amazing actors and they’re all given such great roles to play. And I forgot how much I love this show, with it being away for 2 years. It requires you to watch it differently than any other show on TV. You have to sit back and really let it wash over you.

Spoilers are encouraged, just use the spoiler tags! I’ll see you down below.