That Wrestling Show Day Thread

Season 1 Episode 15 of That 70’s Show is entitled That Wrestling Show and features Eric and the gang going to see a live wrestling event with Red and Mr. Pinciotti. The featured wrestler in the main event is none other than Rocky Johnson played by The Rock, which is inspired casting since Rocky Johnson is the Rock’s real life father. Rocky Johnson makes a joke about how his young son will one become the most electrifying man in all of wrestling. How prophetic!

Other real life wrestlers that cameo in this episode are “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock and Matt and Jeff Hardy aka The Hardy Boyz.

The Rock would later cameo in an episode of Star Trek Voyager, which I hope You Talking Trek to Me will cover one day soon in the near future.

The Rock would return to the small screen with his autobiographical series Young Rock on NBC.

Something to Discuss – Can you smellllllllll what the Rock is cooking?

Bonus Discussion – Tell us your favorite movie that features The Rock. Mine is a tie between The Rundown and Southland Tales.