Spoil Sports: The Owl House, Season 2, Episode 15, “Them’s the Breaks, Kid”

Official plot summary: “Eda tells a story from her teen years: the day she met Raine Whispers.”

How’s everyone doing after the ending of last week’s episode? You all hanging in there? Good. This time, we’re apparently getting something much more lighthearted, as this is a flashback episode. I guess there were some fans who were wondering how Eda and Raine met? I dunno. In any event, expect cameos from other characters when they were younger to show up in one way or another, and hey, it’s always nice to see Eda before she had to worry about regularly turning into a giant wereowl creature (which, since I’m not a D&D player, I recently found out isn’t a creation of this show. Seriously, try Googling the word “wereowl” and you’ll get some interesting results).

Happy spoiling, y’all!