Our Daily Bread Sunday Food Thread 4/10

I rarely remember my dreams but last night I dreamt that I bought a loaf of sandwich bread at the grocery store. What made that odd (other than me remembering the dream at all) is that we haven’t bought bread from a store in almost 3 years. The only exceptions would be bagels and pita for which we go to specific destinations. I’ve been making a plain white bread in a Pullman pan and then slicing and freezing it for sandwich bread. My wife has been making artisan boules for years. We make our own dinner rolls and biscuits etc. too. Only lately have we (mainly my wife) started getting on the sourdough bandwagon. It’s never too late! Part of this coincides with being empty-nesters, when feeding kids it’s a bit handier to have a bag of something available at all times.

Do you have a favorite type of bread? If you make bread do you have a go-to? How about book recommendations? The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Barenbaum is practically our family Bible!