The Night Thread Enters A World Of Darkness (3/24)

Dark Worlds were another structure deck wonder. The main gimmick was that it revolved around discarding the monsters directly from your hand to gain their effects. This was an archetype that had been around for a long time but got a few new cards in said structure deck that really took them to the next level. This was a deck I always really wanted to love.

Unfortunately, I was never able to really crack this nut. Dark Worlds were a really hard deck to build properly; you need the right balance of cards that make you discard, Dark World cards to discard, and payoff/support cards, to make sure you were drawing as many hands as possible that did something. I was able to get it right once, for about 3 weeks on Dueling Network, but it relied on a weird and bad ruling the TCG made regarding Xyz materials (it’s a whole Thing) that was quickly corrected. So I’m afraid this deck is the one that got away. Still, I played it a fair amount despite never getting it right, and 5 is one more day than I have good decks for, so here it is.