The Night Thread Uses Frogs To Summon A God (3/23)

This one’s a bit off the beaten path. Lancer Frogs was never a “real” deck, both in the sense that it was never even remotely competitive and in the sense that I never physically owned it. But I got a lot of use out of it on the dearly departed Dueling Network1. The deck utilizes the Swap Frog engine to dump a whole bunch of frog monsters and Ronintoadin into the graveyard (including, crucially in this case, Dupe Frog and Poison Draw Frog), then banishes the frogs from the graveyard to summon the Ronintoadins. From there, it’d either Xyz summon a rank 2 with the toads, or else tribute them off for a powerful tribute summon. The deck’s namesake was a common choice; Sea Lancer’s ability let it grab your banished frogs and equip them to itself, and then treat them as “extra lives” to evade destruction. And since Dupe Frog and Poison Draw Frog both give you a card in hand when they go from the field to the graveyard…well, you can see where this is going.

But Sea Lancer wasn’t the only tribute monster the deck played with. It could run the Monarchs, of course, as well as Light and Darkness Dragon, every judge’s favorite rulings catastrophe. But the coolest choice, by far, was everyone’s favorite Egyptian God: Obelisk, The Tormentor!

Longtime fans of my Yu-Gi-Oh night threads will of course remember that Obelisk was only ever “good” exactly once, for a couple glorious weeks during the first Dragon Ruler meta. But like I said up top, this deck wasn’t “good”, merely fun. It hung around in duels, and sometimes it punked people with a literal god. If that’s wrong I don’t want to be right.