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Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom: the occasional educational thread

Hello everyone. Welcome back to the occasional education discussion, where someone throws up an education discussion, occasionally.

Most of you know I teach elementary special ed. Most of you know I returned to teaching this year and had a whole bureaucratic clusterfuck and a bad experience with a co-worker. But most of that is solved now, and I’m teaching a really great class with really great assistants and I’m re-discovering my love for teaching.

That’s likely because I’m a long term sub and the 4th teacher that class has had this year, and I don’t have to deal with a lot of the stuff a full time teacher would have to – namely, THE PAPERWORK and PRESSURE, and evaluations. They are mostly happy to have a warm body who has a special ed crendential, who does stuff with the kids.

This is a thread for anyone who works in or adjacent to education, parents, any other “stakeholers.” So everyone, really.

Talk about whatever you want – positives, negatives, fears, triumphs… lesson plans, homework. Vent, ask advice, share resources.

Optional Prompt:

Let’s talk about “post” pandemic education. It seems to me that the powers that be have just simply decided to plow through like nothing’s happened:

Students who thrived with on line instruction have to go back to school in person in many places and can’t take advantage of a preferred or better way of instructional delivery for them. If you are a working parent of a student like this – it’s an expensive thing to get child care even if you would like to get this option. And then there’s the worry about socializing – there’s other activities to do but like none of them are free.

Students who need or prefer in person instruction face some new expectations , and many are likely “behind” with the curriculum and just like being in school. What I’ve seen and heard is that they are offered extra help and support – but in a way that’s SOOOOO MUUUUCH MORE WORK for everyone.

Teachers are quitting en masse, rather than fill out more forms or have another conversation about why Johnny can’t do this or that at grade level, and why the teacher or provider can’t just…. catch Johnny up. Johnny may have extra supports, but Johnny may just want to not do an hour of tutoring after school and go play. Meanwhile, Jane is throwing chairs at the teacher.

So, let us know how you think it’s going, what changes you’d like to see, or just vent.