Let’s Talk Arrowverse – One Is The Loneliest Number

With Superman & Lois taking another mini-hiatus, it was only The Flash gracing our TV screens this week.

And, y’know, I kinda feel bad for not liking this episode more than I did. ‘Cause this was what people have been saying they want The Flash to do more of. A self-contained story with a hammy supervillain in the A-plot, with a mixture of character growth and science know-how saving the day, and in the B-plot, finally some focus on the oft-neglected Caitlin Snow.

It’s just … look, I’ll gladly watch all sorts of disturbing movies full of graphic content, but there’s two things I have a hard time making myself sit through. One is any sort of violence done to fingernails: pulling them out, sticking stuff under them, breaking them apart, just none of that for me, thanks. The other … is intense social awkwardness. And between Caitlin’s disaster of a double date and the cringey Chellegra flirting at the beginning, this ep had some rough moments that pulled down what was otherwise a perfectly cromulent outing.

Question of the Week: What you wanna bet Caitlin’s “Doctor Ficus” boyfriend turns out to be a supervillain? She’s already dated Zoom and Dr. Alchemy; why not the Floronic Man?