The Night Thread’s Name is Alice

20 years ago today, a film opened which spawned many big screen sequels (largely thanks to international returns) which also introduced one of my favorite movie characters. No, I’m not talking about Ice Age again (although the same applies to that flick), but 2002’s Resident Evil.

Yes, yes, many people complain about the franchise not having much in common with the video games on which they are based, but let’s be real here: the success of this series can be credited almost entirely to Milla Jovovich as Alice, who kicks all kinds of ass–both zombie and human–throughout the six movies in which she stars. I’m not joking when I say that Alice is my favorite action heroine (sorry, Ripley!), and Jovovich is absolutely awesome in the role.

Unlike Ice Age, I didn’t see the first Resident Evil in theaters, but I do recall seeing the teaser trailer for the first sequel at a Burger King of all places and being royally freaked out by it. This was, I suppose, my first personal encounter with Alice, and it freaking rocked!

Also, for those wondering (and you probably aren’t), my favorite movies in the franchise are Resident Evil, Apocalypse, and Retribution.

Have an awesome night, Avocados! And do your part to not spread the T-Virus by masking up!