Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Flash Back

So, last week we bid goodbye to Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman (hopefully just for the season), but at least this week we have the return of The Flash.

This Flash ep was a decent outing, bolstered some by the novelty of focusing on Nora and Bart, with our main cast largely offscreen. But … okay, look, I know it was the point that Bart was being too hard on himself and holding an over-idealized image of his dad. Still, I have a hard time taking a story seriously that hinges on someone believing that Barry Allen would not have screwed anything up … involving time travel, no less! C’mon, kid; until you’ve created a Savitar, you’re miles ahead of your old man.

Also, how did neither Bart nor Nora consider that telling an up-and-coming theoretical physicist about the existence of time travel just might have an impact on history?

We also had the latest Superman & Lois ep this week. This show’s always difficult to talk about, because it’s so thoroughly serialized. Stuff happens in an episode, and it might be good stuff, and it might build a better whole, but episodes rarely have their own, distinct identity you can dive into. So all I really have to say here is … boo on you for killing Bizarro Superman! Boo I say!

Question of the Week: How do you feel about the adult-children-from-the-future trope in general?