The MST3K Season 13 Day Thread



Thinking about where Mystery Science Theater 3000 began, it’s amazing that the show has made it this far. The show premiered as an extremely low budget series on public access in Minnesota in 1988, and was cancelled for the first time in 1989. MST3K was then picked up by what would become Comedy Central, and since then the show has weathered cast changes, some bad blood behind the scenes, a theatrical movie that bombed, struggles to get or keep movie rights, and…oh yeah, three more cancellations.

But despite all of that, it’s 2022 and the series perseveres. Season 13 premieres on The Gizmoplex for Kickstarter backers at 8PM EST tonight. And this time, we have a whopping THREE hosts! Jonah Ray Rodrigues and the Netflix cast are back, but they’ll also be joined by Joel Hodgson and Emily Marsh hosting and riffing their own episodes – and we’ll even get a Christmas special with all three hosts together! I am curious how they’ll explain Joel’s return and officially introduce Emily, but maybe the theme song will have advice for me on that front?

My high school physics teacher was a nice man, bless him, but more than a little flighty and easily distracted. He decided to show us “A Case of Spring Fever1 and then…just let the episode run. “Squirm” is the second-to-last episode of the original run making it an odd place to start, but by the time we got to the exchange…

“I just don’t want you to be too disappointed if he doesn’t come.”
“Mother, that’s PRIVATE!”

…and a room full of high school nerds exploded in laughter, I was hooked. And it’s fitting that my first MST3K experience was a communal one, because that’s when the show is at its best. “Keep circulating the tapes” (and later, the URLs) meant I could always find the show even when it wasn’t airing on TV. The live shows were even better; the performers and audience fed off each other and I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. And now, because a bunch of dorks feel the same way I do about this robot puppet show, we’re going to get a whole year of brand new episodes.

Have a good d–