The Day Thread of Tim (2/22/22)

Long-time visitors to this website have undoubtedly seen a photo or two of Tim Cat. But do you really know him? Here are some Tim Facts.

  • Tim was born on a farm in Georgia in 2012. His human adopted him from an animal shelter nearby.
  • Tim’s original name was “Li’l Man,” which his human thought was dumb and so he changed to Tim, as inspired by Tiny Tim.
  • Tim has lived in Georgia, New Jersey, and now New York!
  • His favorite foods are anything that isn’t vegetables, shrimp tails, cat treats, and plastic.

Tim encourages you all to share cat photos of your own! And dog photos, I guess. If you want more Tim photos you can always ask his secondary human, nonsequiturcat, or check out his twitter @nonsequiturcat, where he has been sharing his lovely photos since late 2013.

Happy Posting!