WW176: Oops! All Cupids: The Cult of the Black Pill (Day 5)

Night fell upon the corporate retreat slash speed-dating camp slash mixer slash convention. One figure rose, and then so did another. The second opened to door to Jim Steinman’s room. He was sleeping like a baby, whispering “like a bat out of hell” when a CutCo Brand Children’s Teeball Bat slammed into his left orbital. Then his right. Then his left again. It was pretty brutal.

Jim Steinman (Indy) was killed. He was Vanilla Town.

Today is possible KOBK. With five players left, 3 votes will trigger an autokill. The distribution of Town:Scum is either 4:1 or 3:2.

Serial Killer/Black Pill Cult Mechanics

  • The original Serial Killer gets one kill each night and can recruit an apprentice.
  • The Apprentice gets one 50% accurate kill each night. If the original SK dies, then the Apprentice’s kill becomes 100% accurate.
  • If the Apprentice dies, the original SK can choose the next night to either perform a kill or recruit a new Apprentice. The new Apprentice will immediately be able to use their 50% night kill shot.
  • ANYONE can be recruited as an Apprentice.

Cupid, Lover, & Polyamory Mechanics

Cupid Mechanics:

  • The Cupids among you have picked two players each to become Fated Lovers.
  • Cupids cannot reveal in the open thread what their Fated Lover picks were.
  • Inquisitive Cupid creates the Investigator Couple.
    • Townie investigator may each night learn if a targeted player is involved with the cult or not.
    • A cult-aligned investigator will be able to identify Cupids and Lovers instead.
  • Blade Cupid creates the Vigilante Couple:
    • Vigilante has the power to target one player for a night kill.
  • Healing Cupid creates Doctor Couple
    • Doctor may each night choose a targeted player to protect from death.
    • Doctor may self-target, but may not target the same player twice in a row.
    • Doctor cannot save a player from dying if their Lover is killed, but will block a kill completely if they protect the night-kill-targeted Lover.

Lover Mechanics:

  • Fated Lovers will be told how many fated partners they have, but not what their power will be. Each Fated Lover gets one guess per night for who their partner(s) might be. A correct guess unlocks a Couple chat and their shared power is activated for immediate use that same night.
  • If a Fated Lover is killed before their couple is formed:
    • Their would-be Lover enters a Couple with their patron Cupid.
    • If their patron Cupid is also dead, then the power is lost forever.
  • If one activated Lover dies, then both die, unless…

Polyamory Mechanics:

  • Multiple Lovers can form Fated Polyamourous arrangements.
  • All members will share a chat and may all participate in deciding how their powers will be used during the night phase. A power will be available as long as the two Lovers who originally hold the power are alive.
  • To borrow terminology from computer programming…
    • a “leaf” is a Lover who was only fated to be with one other person and
    • a “node” is a player chosen by multiple Cupids (or a Cupid chosen by another Cupid) to be with multiple people.
  • If a “leaf” is killed, then the other members of the poly group will stay alive, but the leaf’s power is lost.
  • If a “node” is killed, then all of their connected “leaf” lovers die with them. The deaths will not chain propagate if a “node” was connected to another “node.”


Win Conditions!

  • If the Black Pill Cult makes up 50% of the population, then they win.
  • If all scum dies, then town wins.

Night Action Order:

  • Fated Lovers guess their partners
  • Activated powers (investigator and doctor) pick targets
  • Any kills (Vig or SK or Apprentice) go off simultaneously
  • Cult recruitment

To avoid giving away too much, the total possible number of VT, Lovers, and Cultists is tracked rather than the actual number. For example, “14 Vanilla Townies” is read as “up to 14 Vanilla Townies”. However, KOBKI (“Kill-or-be-killed”) will be announced.

Town: (3 or 4 total)

  • 2 Vanilla Townies
  • 2 Fated Lovers
  • 1 Inquisitive Cupid (grants Investigator Couple)
  • 1 Blade Cupid (grants Vigilante Couple)
  • 1 Healing Cupid (grants Doctor Couple)
  • 2 Investigator Lovers (Couple)
  • 2 Vigilante Lovers (Couple)
  • 2 Doctor Lovers (Couple)

Scum: (2 or 1 total)

  • 1 Charismatic Leader
  • 0 Manipulative Sidekick
  • 0 Cultists
  • 1 Serial Killer
  • 1 Apprentice – 50% accuracy night kill


  • RP is optional, but appreciated!
  • Please try to make at least 2 posts a day. If you go quiet, then you will get one day’s time to let us know if you still want to play. Otherwise, you will be automatically killed or replaced at the next night phase.
  • Do NOT Screenshot or quote directly from your personal chat. This will result in an instant mod kill.
  • Do NOT screenshot your couple channel. However, you may directly quote from your couple channel.
  • Do NOT edit or delete any posts without mod permission both in the game thread and in your channels.
    • Any accidental leak of your IRL name or email will be automatically deleted by mods to protect your privacy.
  • Do NOT belittle other players for their choices or reasoning. Attack arguments, not people.
  • Emotional appeals are discouraged as arguments since we don’t want to guilt people for their votes.


  1. Marlowe (@marlowespade:disqus) VT
  2. April (@April_LKD:disqus) VT
  3. sic (@sic_humor:disqus) Healing Cupid & Fated Investigator
  4. Lindsay (@gaydisaster:disqus)
  5. Indy (@inndeeeeed2:disqus) VT
  6. MSD (@DekaTria:disqus)
  7. Cork (@disqus_Tr5XJm6gin:disqus) VT
  8. Cop (@copontheedgeish:disqus)
  9. raven (@ravenampersand:disqus) Blade Cupid & Vigilante Lover
  10. Quee (@mrsqueequeg:disqus)
  11. Nate (@NateTheLesser:disqus) Fated Vigilante
  12. emm (@emmelemm:disqus) VT
  13. Tiff (@tiffachingsgoldenhare:disqus) Vigilante Lover & Investigator Lover & Apprentice
  14. Goat (@GoatfulDead:disqus) Inquisitive Cupid & Investigative Lover
  15. Wasp (@unstoppablewasp:disqus) VT
  16. Josephus (@josephusbrown:disqus) VT
  17. Side (@side_character:disqus) VT
  18. Ralph (@RalphWaldoWiggum:disqus) Charismatic Leader
  19. Chum (@ChumJoely:disqus)


  1. hoho (@hohodor:disqus)


Twilight is at Noon Eastern on Saturday, February 19th, 2022.

Lutair will be helping me co-mod, as per usual.

Vote Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y_eKBplc4cuGu04t3GbB1Txf7s9bSdN_Telign4EQVA/edit?usp=sharing