The Day Thread Returns to Never Land

Return to Never Land opened in theaters on this day 20 years ago. It is of course the sequel to 1953’s classic Disney movie Peter Pan, and is centered around Wendy’s daughter Jane. Feeling she has no time for fantasy during the all-too real reality of World War II, Jane is practical and committed to keeping her family safe as her father fights on the front lines. One night, a vengeful Captain Hook goes to Jane’s house and kidnaps her Steven Spielberg-style, whisking her away to Never Land and seemingly leaving her with no way to return back home.

The movie was a pretty sizable box office hit, earning more than $100 million worldwide against a fairly modest $19 million budget. The reviews could be described as “fine”, but I’m happy to say that in the years since it came out, it has gradually been getting the love I feel it deserves.

I’m not joking when I say that Jane was not only my favorite Disney character, but my favorite character period. She was my comfort character before I knew what a comfort character was, and the first character I ever truly became obsessed with. I recall wishing that they would make a Halloween costume of her so I could dress up as her (sadly they never did), which may or may not reflect how long my queerness has been going on for. And I had a doll of her which has become incredibly rare since then as it was only ever available at Target, and sells for hundreds of dollars on eBay now.

The movie also features one of the best Disney songs ever for me, and one that became one of my personal anthems as a teenager. Seriously, this is beautiful…

Have a magical day, Avocados! And hold onto to that faith, trust, and pixie dust!