The Neighbors at Number 10 Day Thread [13 February 2022]

We moved into this neighborhood in November of 2021. Pandemic moving is fun! Everyone here has been very nice so far, almost cult-like. There is sunshine, happy kids, block parties… but not everyone is invited.

A dark cloud hangs over the house at #10. It doesn’t seem so terrible at first glance. Sure, the brick façade is collapsing. Yes, the yard is unmowed and the shrubs are untrimmed. Yes, the property is crawling with an exploding population of feral cats. But what goes on inside?

The house sold last spring for $5,000. That’s it. During this exploding real estate market? Sounds suspect. The police are called there semi-regularly. Last week, someone ran from the house down the street carrying a TV… down the middle of the street in single digit temperatures with no jacket.

It’s odd, but not the weirdest. Another house in the neighborhood is regularly finding boy’s toddler clothes shoved into their mailbox, every few days. Another neighbor pointed their Ring camera down the street. What was revealed ten days ago, was one of the Neighbors of #10, stuffing clothes into the mailbox, while wearing a cheap Halloween wig and a wooden sword strapped to her back.

What will happen next? Maybe nothing, maybe… more?