American Dad! Season 19, Ep. 3 “The Book of Fischer”

In which Stan can’t chop it…

Stan Smith is a man out of place in the world, whether it was the original conception of the show where he was a Conservative butting up against a liberal world, or just a regular man who can’t relate to the people around him. That has been one of his defining traits, along with his brutishness and general (small c) conservative nature. This week we once again examine Stan’s attempt to fit in to the world around him.

After Steve discovers a grey hair, Stan takes him to his barbershop to get his haircut plus to show him how Stan interacts with others (what he calls choppin’ it). It’s obvious from the beginning that Stan doesn’t keep up with the conversation and just randomly inserts whatever he wants into the discussion. After they get back home, Steve tells him as much. Stan goes back to the barbershop and discovers that Steve is right and he sucks at conversation.

In order to deflect from his bad conversation skills, Stan accidently reveals that Tuttle is in Witness Protection. This breaks on the news and Tuttle is now in danger. Stan tries to help Tuttle fake his own death but blows this too so they take Steve and go on the run. Along the way Stan picks up a drifter who attempts to teach him about the art of conversation. Stan drops Steve and Tuttle off at a safehouse and continues on with the drifter. When he returns, the mob gets a drop on him. Stan attempts to converse his way out of it, which seemingly works, except its a fantasy of the B-Plot (below) and Stan is actually in danger of being shot. That is until Tuttle saves the day by shooting the mobsters. He happily goes back to living his life in Langley Falls.

In the B-Plot, Jeff decides to write down his thoughts when it becomes clear that his memory sucks. Thanks to Hayley, he starts writing down all his observations (including two birds fighting over a dildo) but eventually leaves the journal in the freezer. In one thousand years, people discover the book. They begin worshiping Jeff as a prophet and form a church. And in a nice dovetail with the A-plot, one of the stories in the book is about the end of the A-plot. So it’s not much of a plot but I do appreciate how they come together.

Stray Observations

  • One of the mobsters resembles Paulie Walnuts but is not voiced by Tony Sirico, who has voiced characters on the show previously
  • Tuttle’s flashback is in Chicago and Mob-Con uses the piano section of Layla, referencing Goodfellas.
  • Roger is still alive in the future. He hates that Jeff is worshipped but loves the robots.
  • The nuns in the church of Jeff have headbands.
  • Why is the CIA relocating witnesses? A wizard did it

Thoughts: Another decent episode. Covering some familiar ground but gets some laughs out of it.