seaQuest Day Thread

seaQuest DSV (in the third season, seaQuest 2032) was a science fiction show that aired on NBC from 1993-1996. It starred Roy Scheider as the captain of a submarine that went on a combination scientific / military expedition under the auspices of the United Earth Oceans Organization (UEO) circa the year 2018. It’s basically Star Trek, but in the ocean. There’s also a cast of various characters, including a dolphin named Darwin whose noises get translated into speech by a an electronic device.

Listen, seaQuest definitely had problems. It turned over like 90% of its cast between seasons one and two and then AGAIN between seasons two and three. The ratings were so bad in season three that NBC cancelled it mid-season. I’ve watched some episodes in more recent years and realized some of the plots were terrible (man eating plants? crew members basically being possessed by Titanic ghosts?) And yet, tween Sonneta was highly enamored with this show. Could have something to do with the good looking, teenage genius computer nerd, Lucas Wolenczak (played by Jonathan Brandis). Thus it will always have a place in my heart.

Yes, he had the floppy hair cut favored by ’90s male teen heartthrobs.

If you’re into fanfiction and you enjoy seaQuest, you should read the fanfic I that I got for Yuletide (Christmas fanfic exchange) back in 2007: Gather Near To Us (fair warning, it is set at Christmas).

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