Comic Book Review – Wonder Comics – Amethyst (2021)

Wonder Comics – Amethyst Volume 1

Writer and Artist – Amy Reeder

Colorists – Amy Reeder and Marissa Louise

The latest comic book/graphic novel for discussion at the TO Comic Book Club was Amethyst by Amy Reeder.

Amy Winston celebrates her 16th birthday with her mom and dad just before she plans to return to Gemworld. When she arrives at the castle, it’s ransacked and destroyed, and the people of the realm are missing. She suspects the evil Lord Opal as the mastermind behind this series of events. Amy’s journey will take her across the kingdoms of Gemworld, where she will learn the truth about her deceased parents, Lord and Lady Amethyst, and who was responsible for what has recently transpired.

I’ll be honest with you. After reading the first issue, I wasn’t going to continue with the next five. I felt like I wasn’t the right target demographic for this story. I didn’t throw in the towel and I’m glad I didn’t. As Amy journeys across the lands of Gemworld, she uncovers some harsh truths that she was unaware of while she was away on Earth. These might crush a normal teenager, but Amy is strong and resilient, hard as a diamond, and she must swallow her pride and accept the fact her parents were not the people she believed them to be.

This volume is perfect for those that enjoy young adult books and fantasy stories like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. My friend Steve said that this is the perfect graphic novel to give to those that want to get into comic books. Some parts of the story reminded me of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra. For example, Opal’s Fortress is very reminiscent of Castle Greyskull. Opal himself reminds me of Skeletor in some instances as well.

Reeder and Louise do a phenomenal job bringing Gemworld to life. The colors used are bright and vibrant and the character designs and locations take us to a brand-new world that we haven’t seen before. Gemworld definitely gives the Land of Oz a run for its money. If you need a break for comics set in dirty, gritty, and dark locales, Gemworld is the place for you.

This coming-of-age story is one that will lift you up and inspire you, especially with the current state of the world we are living in. Amy’s journey is one of self-discovery, not just about herself but for those she thought she could trust and rely on. Long held family secrets will be brought to light and her friends will be the ones that will be there for her when she needs comfort and reassurance. This is how teenager Amy Winston becomes the one true Princess Amethyst of Gemworld.