Fortune Cookies for the Night Thread

Pony was a band from New York City active from either 1992 to 1994 or 1993 to 1995. The three-piece band consisted of Dallas Crowe (Andrew Gardner) on guitar and a majority of the vocals, Kitty Dubois (Miriam Maltagliati) on bass, and Jimmy James (James Murphy) on drums and some vocals. The band released two 7″ singles and two full length albums (1993’s Cosmovalidator and the posthumous El Dorado from 1996).

Cosmovalidator features a track titled “Fortune Cookie”, which both musically and lyrically is a Pixies homage, even namechecking Black Francis in the opening line. And it’s a pretty damn good Pixies homage too – I’d put it right up there with “A Good Idea” by Sugar or maybe even this.

“Fortune Cookie” is one of those songs I first heard on CBC radio via the late night music program Night Lines. I had it on a mixtape for many years, though I can’t recall if I ever came across the album in the wild. I can’t remember when I discovered the connection between Pony and this band either, but after that I became intent on getting my hands on their albums. And then I read this great series of articles by a guy intent on getting rid of over half of his CD collection, and found out that the two Pony albums were among the discs he was getting rid of. So after much deliberation, I sent an email to the guy via his then-employer’s email address and asked if he would consider giving me one or both of those CDs – it seemed like a long shot, but in the end I figured “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and went for it. And then a couple months later, I was pleasantly surprised to get both discs in the mail!

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Josh Modell for his generosity in taking the time (and going to the expense) to send two compact discs to a complete stranger halfway across the world. Fortune cookies for everyone!

Have a Great Night Thread, Avocado!