The Book Nook Locks Down and Gets Up Again (1/26)

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No, this is not about the Chumbawumba song (unless you want it to be, of course). The past few years have been, if I may be so bold, quite rough. Other countries may have had a different approach but in the Netherlands the government thought it wise to often shut down most stores and bars and restaurants in an attempt to slow down the COVID infection rate (spoiler: It didn’t help much). So not only were you not able to buy a book from a physical store, you also had no place to take it to except home, or do much of anything else.

In my case it also exacerbated my shortened attention span, which wasn’t great to begin with.

But rather than mope about it, I want to talk about the good things it brought. Before the whole COVID thing I was (much) more of a snob, having a tendency to look down on all kinds of things people read. I also blamed myself for not reading enough. During the many lockdowns however, I finally came to the realization that you should just read what you want to, and just do something else if that’s what you want to. It’s not an earth-shattering revelation by any means, but it did make my anxious head feel a bit better.

And you? What have you done to cope with the past few years? Any way in which books have helped your mental health?

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