Weekly Video Games Thread Puts Up the Best Posters

Happy Monday, folks, and welcome to the Weekly Video Games Thread, Monday Edition!

Here’s your prompt: what are your favorite posters, covers, and promotional images for a video game? I’m not necessarily sure this would be my main and only choice, but for the header I’ve gone with some art Nintendo made for the announcement of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. Just look at that Skull Kid in the first image! I had to resize these by quite a lot, because the original versions are so huge. But they really are so cool. The right one is a pretty typical collage of characters for the re-release, but the composition and coloring makes it so fun. And the left is just super duper creepy. I used to use it as an alternate avatar, actually, before I decided that I should just be Columbo full time.

Anyway, this prompt allows a pretty wide range of potential answers. You’ve got those crazy and surreal Atari covers, the occasional Japanese ones that are structured like manga, other big collages of characters for re-releases and remasters, many varieties of video game hero profiles as shot from the back or front, that awesome cover of Phalanx that I really hope gets embedded, and plenty of other stuff. Really, go nuts.

And while you’re going nuts, how was your weekend, video game-wise?