Crate Skimmers #22 Boduf Songs – Internal memo

Owned since: 2012

Genre: Whispered folk meets some slowcore

Where I bought it: The label itself

Year: 2012

Label/pressing: Morc Tapes

Since we are reaching the number 20+ on this, it’s really becoming quite hard to find a good balance on these. I can go through like 5 hardcore punk albums in a row because I can easily pen down a ton of stuff about them or 5 folk records where I will struggle, but honestly I just want to mix it up a bit. So this time, I literally stood with my eyes closed in front of the closet and picked out a record at random. That being the sole record I own by Boduf Songs.

Budof Songs is one of those bands I often forget how much I like them. When I first got into the whole experimental folk movement around 2006, Matt Sweet had just released his masterpiece Lion Devours the Sun. A record on Kranky full of near whispered folk songs with minimal chords and a lot of drone aspects to it. It is a sound I just adore. This little 10 inch record from 2012 on Gent, Belgium based Morctapes is the first record he recorded after locating to Toledo after living for most of his career in London.

It’s mostly a return to the old form of their previous records while keeping very much the Boduf sound alive, recorded (partly) with a new band and hinting to things like shoegaze and even trip hop in some spots. These, like the title says, are (mostly) solo memo recordings, songs that are tiny and so quiet you barely can hear them. Sweet doesn’t really sing, he just kind of whispers the lyrics over the music which fits the band’s pretty suffocating sadness sound well. In just around 15 minutes there is a lot of mood setting here. Mostly just Sweet solo with guitar, a loop pedal and some small pre-recorded backing tracks really sinking back into a sort of primal version of the band on the A-side.

The B-side leaves the guitar sideways for one piano songs that still ooze the same overwhelming atmosphere the rest of the band’s output has. But my favorite song on here is its closer Eternal memo. A near 5 minute solo guitar song that recalls the sound of 90’s home recorders like Amps For Christ and even a bit of early 90’s emo’s more withdrawn moments. Just an absolutely chilling song and among my favorite the band ever recorded.

That’s all I honestly got to say about this, it’s hard to capture a band like Budof Songs in text pretty much because their music speaks so much for itself. It is the most minimal withdrawn kind of sound that either speaks to you or leaves you completely cold. After not hearing this for close to 5 years, this still brings chills to my spine. A curious little 10 inch but well worth snagging if you encounter it in the wild, which seems unlikely with its small run and it being a Belgian label releasing this. It’s digital on Bandcamp these days.

I don’t want to miss including this video that exists of one of the 3 times I got to see the band live playing a wonderful version of Absolutely Null And Utterly Void.

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