Svengoolie Discussion Thread 1/15/2022: Tarantula

“I knew Leo G. Carroll / was over a barrel / when Tarantula took to the hills…” — “Science Fiction Double Feature” from Rocky Horror Picture Show

From the MeTV website (which is a lie – Clint Eastwood is not “featured”; he’s uncredited)…

“This classic science fiction film featuring Academy Award winning screen legend Clint Eastwood tells the story of a scientist who, while researching the effects of a new synthetic nutrient, releases a giant spider in the American Southwest. A quintessential exercise in pulp horror, “Tarantula” is the drive-in, monster flick that still thrills and chills. “

Not streaming anywhere for free.

If you miss any of Sven’s segments or want to see them again, they should be posted here after the episode airs!

Enjoy the movie!