30 Day Pokemon Challenge Day 15: What Creature Needs A Pokemon?

This challenge was produced with the help of Cordyceps for the prompts!

Pokemon has drawn from a pretty deep well of wildlife, from rafflesia to pistol shrimp to cordyceps (hey!). But there are lots of critters out there that have yet to see a Pokemon. So today’s prompt, in honor of Girard who asked for one that might be good for people who aren’t into Pokemon, asks you to be creative: What animal (or plant or fungus or inanimate object) would you like to see become a Pokemon? If you want to go one step further, what type would it be? An appropriate ability? And if you’re real deep in the weeds, what would its stat spread be? 

Bonus prompt: If you were going to add a new type into the series, what would it be? What would it be super/not very effective against?