Broadway Joe

The Day Thread Guarantees the Victory

It was 53 years ago today, in 1969, that the NY Jets defeated the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in Superbowl 3. A few days before the game, Jets QB Joe Namath personally guaranteed that the Jets would be victorious. “Broadway” Joe proved true to his words, as the Jets defeated the Colts 16-7. Johnny Unitas was the star QB for the Colts, but was sidelined for most of the season due to a throwing arm injury. He finally came into the game in the 4th quarter after starting QB Earl Morrall threw 3 interceptions, but it was too little, too late. With this victory, the Jets put the AFL on the map, as that league had been seen as inferior to the more dominant NFL (The following season would be the last for the 2 separate Leagues, they would merge into the NFL as we know it today).
Alas, the Jets have never returned to the Superbowl since then.

This game gave us a great Simpsons gag years later: