Musicals Thread (Inspirational)

Welcome to the Musicals Thread, the Avocado’s space for anything and everything related to musical theatre! Every month I’ll post a discussion prompt, but please feel free to comment on other topics, from new discoveries to old favorites. If you have ideas for future prompts or would like to write a feature for the thread, let me know!

The beginning of a new year is commonly considered to be a time to focus on one’s goals, and it can be helpful to look to others for encouragement – even others we only know from the stage. Countless musicals center on characters chasing a dream and enduring hardships, and we can emulate their drive and borrow the songs of their hearts as we craft our own plans for the future.

When I was looking for work after graduation, one such voice of support for me was that of Barbra Streisand – her covers of “Everybody Says Don’t” and “A Quiet Thing/There Won’t Be Trumpets”, and especially her performance as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. I even saw myself running for the bus in her determined race to the boat before intermission! Fanny has complete confidence in her own ability and decisions, persevering through setbacks and the disdain of others (and even their well-meant, logical concern). She admits the possibility of defeat but doesn’t let that deter her from giving her all, which is an attitude I could still stand to cultivate for myself today.

Is there a musical (or character, song, scene, etc.) that inspires you?