The Houseplant Appreciation Night Thread

The Gardener’s Network declared January 10th Houseplant Appreciation Day! A day to buy, cultivate and celebrate house plants. As a child I was given a Venus Fly Trap. I adored it had no idea how to keep it alive. I over watered, over fed and paid no attention to the health of the soil. Since then every plant I’ve been gifted has passed away. Even an “un-killable” succulent.

Here are some things I’ve learned.

  • Give your plant direct sunlight.
  • But don’t place them in a spot that gets too hot, cold or drafty.
  • Research soil needs. Some plants like acidic soil. Others do not. Don’t settle for the soil that the store put in the pot. You can add mixtures.
  • Don’t automatically water on a schedule. Keep the soil damp and allow the pot to drain. Otherwise you can get salt build ups or root rot.
  • Some plants should be watered from the bottom. Place your pot in a tray of water that will absorb up into the soil. A sponge in the bottom of the pot can help as well.

Plant owners please chime in.