The Bouncing Babies Day Thread (1/8/22)

The year 1984 saw the release of Bouncing Babies, an MS-DOS game created by Dave Baskin. The premise of the game is as simple as it is horrifying: The player controls two firefighters holding a trampoline, trying to bounce infants to safety as they are thrown from a burning building. It starts out easy enough, just one baby at a time:

We got this!

After about 12 solo babies, though, they start chucking out two babies at a time, then three, then four, until it starts to feel like this:

We don’t got this!

Don’t worry, though! You can kill five babies before it’s game over.

I had intended this Day Thread to be a lengthy investigation into the inherent nihilism of the game (there are infinite babies, and you can never save them all) and how even simple old games can be pretty fucked up, but then I found a place to play Bouncing Babies for free online, which occupied my entire morning, and now it’s almost Day Thread time, so here’s a PC Gamer article that does a pretty good job of covering the existential crisis that is Bouncing Babies.

Have a great Day Thread, Avocados!